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Department of Spatial Planning
Urban and Regional Planning


The content of our courses is oriented towards current issues (e.g. climate-friendly city, healthy city, digital city) and reflects the research focus of the department. In teaching, we impart theoretical knowledge, conceptual skills, instrumental and methodological knowledge as well as communicative skills. In such a way, we offer graduates various approaches and possible solutions, so that they are able to understand urban transformation processes as well as reflect on strategies and instruments for (sustainable) urban development in professional practice. Our focus lies on the interaction of informal instruments (framework and master plans, regional, city-wide and sub-area development concepts) and formal instruments (preparatory and binding urban land use planning) on a municipal and regional level.

Our German website offers an insight into current courses taught by our research group. Apart from that, the TU Dortmund University’s LSF displays a variety of alternating courses offered in English. The ones held by SRP are listed on the sub-page on the left. They will be updated regularly at the beginning of each semester.